On the Sunrise Side of the Blue Ridge, Businesses Thrive.


Unique Advantages

World class institutions that bring together the leading edges of agriculture and technology are right around the corner. Cutting edge research institutions in the region, paired with the newest waves of medical technology, all ensure an unparalleled sense of innovation and safety. The area also enjoys a dynamic and thriving local agriculture scene that enjoys frequent partnerships with Virginia Tech and the US Department of Agriculture.


Workforce Development

Nelson County realizes that the best talent is talent that is home grown. Mentorship and apprenticeship programs in the culinary, food, beverage, and manufacturing industry sectors have all contributed to a skilled and enthusiastic workforce.

Network System Commitment

Nelson County’s dedication to data access is exemplified by its recent $3 million investment in network technology and, with an additional state and regional-backed investment of $25M in fiber internet, proves Nelson to be a leader in both rural broadband access and public and private sector growth.


investor resources

Nelson is part of a region that boasts a stunning and collaborative spirit that teems with capital investment opportunities and resources for the innovative entrepreneur.

Click Here For Official County Government Website

Click Here For Official County Government Website